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1/16/04 Corn Dogs
The Daily Review

I don't think a corn dog has ever been prepared like this.

Corn Dogs are an american classic.  What other country would make something so sick?  A hot dog deep fried in corn batter, that's just ridiculous.  I think I have only had one Corn Dog in my life, and let me tell you I wasn't impressed.  I was more on the terms of uncomfortable.  You're eating the thing off a stick, and it's a hot dog!  I am also not on the bandwagon of hot dogs so my oppinion of Corn Dogs  is pretty biased.  Ethan got a corn dog at the Bowling Bowl a few weeks ago and it smelt real bad and watching him eat this thing off the stick was a little disturbing also.  I think a Corn Dog battle royale would be mad fun though.  You would get two Corn Dogs and just hit people with them.  It would be perfect because you can hold on to the stick and beat them with your weiner, which is wrapped in corn batter.  I don't think I'll ever eat a Corn Dog again in my life.  Or I hope not.