The Daily Review
3/29/04 Monkeys
The Daily Review

This monkey is extremely scary. I think it's part bat.

Monkeys are crazy!  They'll throw poop at you.  I don't know about you but even the craziest people I know don't throw poop.  Correction, I actually know someone who throws poo, infact there are two.  Those insane Lemaistre girls.  They used to throw cow turds at us instead of snow balls, it sucked.  One time Jeremy came to my house and his car was covered with dung, it was hilarious and he was pissed.  The Lemaistre's bombed him out with poo.  It was everywhere- the wheels, the bumpers, everything was covered.  I helped him hose it all off and it let me tell you it took some while.  I was going to tell you not to get near monkeys because they'll throw poo at you, but my new message is to stay away from the Lemaistre girls because they'll get you much worse than any damn monkey.