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1/16/06 Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwiches
The Daily Review

Mine looked waaaay better than this one.

Today, for some reason, I made a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch.... or breakfast, whatever it was, it was the first meal of the day.  For what reason did I decide on this?  I do not know.  I haven't had one of these delicious treats since preschool, maybe elemntary, all I know it was a long ass time ago.  The problem with it is nothing else goes with it, only milk... or juice.  But no snacks, and I love snacks.  It's definitely not a chip sandwich, although I know someone who puts potato chips in their peanut butter and jellies.  I couldn't imagine what that tastes like, but I'm sure it sucks.  Candy would probably go good with a pb & b.  Speaking of candy, I'm going to room and getting some.  Peace.