The Daily Review
4/18/04 Razor Scooters
The Daily Review

This is the B1 Razor model. Get it? Bone Razor.

Razor scooters are so lame.  I hate those things.  Besides the fact that they are wack, they are a death trap.  Have you ever rode one?  They're crazy sketchy.  If you turn the handle bars just a little bit the thing goes ape shit , and you fall off.  I couldn't imagine going down a hill on one of those things.  You'd be bootin' down a  hill and start to get in a death wobble and just explode on to the pavement resulting in a mass amount of pain.  Bruises, scrapes, whatever, you're gonna be hurt.  One time Hambone aned I found two Razor scooters in our shed in Bay Park and we had a small, but awesome Scooter Posse.  It only lasted about a half an hour.  We went over to Josh's house and set up some obstacles.  Hambone tried to jump a stack of wood and landed flat on his ass.  It was a little bit funny, okay alot.  I thought he smacked his T-Bone (tailbone for you knuckleheads).